Entrepreneurs by Design

The world needs more thinkers and visionaries and especially those that can envision and also mobilise the vision. The challenge though remains that those who envision and can also mobilise have a train of these visions rioting through them.

These so called serial entrepreneurs must learn:

  • not to stop the train of visions and dreams
  • but train the way they (internally) process the train of visions.

They must learn how to manage themselves to achieve the best for themselves and the world around them. These set of trainings can be achieved through the “entrepreneur by design” principle.

The principles of “entrepreneur by design” can help build the next order of Entrepreneurs by Design (“EbD”). The EbD have learnt how to capture their visions and dreams, arrange them in feasible and executable orders; identify and leverage trusting relationships and mobilise the realisation of their dreams. Above all, they have learnt to have focussed and directed cerebral activities which is key to being able to creatively solve complex problems within the shortest possible timeframes.

These are the people that bring and cause change in our world. We need more positively geared EbDs.

We need more creative solutioning professionals who can apply the “Directed Cerebral Stimulation” or (“DCS”) to solve real business problems in ways that minimise costs to businesses and optimise risks.

At RCL, this is what we do. We attract and reward people like this. If you know you are one, please get in touch.

Thank you.

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