Gabriel leveraged his broad-spectrum background to develop this “STRATEGIC VALUE RISK EQUATION (‘SVRE’)”.

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An approach for creating business value through effective risk management; and one that enables (1) optimisation of risk profile; (2) maximisation of risk posture; (3) maximisation of risk agility; and (4) maximisation of risk mitigation controls efficiencies. The SVRE is an approach that can be leveraged to define strategic (global/collective/higher) value aligned strategies; and operations management frameworks.

Whilst current presentations focus on the application of SVRE to technology landscape, the concepts are equally applicable to other risk types – health, financial, legal, and all other strategic risk management domains.

Gabriel, at several seminars, will look to answer the following questions:

1. Could security drive value creation and protection of created value? If yes, how?

2. Could we, as security professionals, define, maintain, and deliver effective Security Strategy? If yes, how?

3. Is there a way to harmonise Risk Management and Security Strategies, as well as Security Operations into a unified Value Management Strategy?

4. How to determine when to invest and how much to invest in security?

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