Information Security Architecture

Every business is set out to achieve specific sets of objectives and to do so it must manage several sets of strategic risks.   A core enabling capability to managing risks is the ability to manage the flow of information into and outside of the organisation.  This information flow (channels and contents) must be protected for confidentiality, integrity and must be available when required and to the right set of individuals on a need-to-know and need-to-have basis.  Some organisations have also found that access to strategic information must be based on strict least-privilege principles.

The best way to ensure that the best information protection strategy for your business and /or organisation is implemented for you is by aligning your business operations and the sets of enabling technologies with the most appropriate information security architecture for your organisation.

At RCL, we help organisations align their business information security strategies.  We are a strong proponent of applied business systems engineering architectural frameworks for the development and implementation of modularised information security architectures and frameworks.  We have successfully helped many organisations and we can help you.

Our applied business approach can be applied to any segments and at any maturity levels of your organisation.  It is modularised and can be adapted to your specific environment.

This is the only way your organisation will be able to obtain the level of assurance you need to operate in this age of cyber-espionage.

Let us help you.

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